We strive to foster the creation of important new treatments for patients.

We follow a multi-pronged strategy with investments at all stages of product development across multiple disease areas.

Investment appetite

Our portfolio is driven by patients in need, and opportunities to develop and commercialise important new treatment options for them. Our typical investment criterion are outlined in the box to the right.

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Typical Investment Size
$15-$30mIn total per company
Primarily US & Europe
Holding Period
3-8 years

Biotherapeutics, small molecules, nucleic acid therapeutics, vaccines, gene therapies, cell therapies, specialty pharma, platform technologies.

Broad Strategic Approach

Biopharma companies in need of capital come with many different profiles. Some are startups seeking to discover new drugs based on emerging insights into underlying mechanisms of disease. Others may have begun that way, but now have drugs in clinical trials. Many are still privately held, while others are publicly traded. Some may even be established pharmaceutical companies looking for creative ways to fund expensive clinical trials.

Our strategies, described below, are designed to help companies in all these categories pursue their goal of developing novel and effective therapies for patients.

Broad Strategic Approach

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The diverse strategies we pursue, investing in companies and programs at many different stages of development and in multiple therapeutic areas, provide us with an unusually broad perspective on the key requirements for success in biotechnology.

Seed & Early Stage

With over 30 years of experience investing in novel life science technologies, we understand how challenging it can be to turn a great idea into a great company.

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Development Stage

We also understand the different challenges faced by later-stage companies, both public and private, as their programs move through the clinic to market. Our Development Stage strategy is focused on these later-stage companies.

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Clinical Co-Development

We have pioneered a new approach to partnering with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to help them develop effective new drugs and deliver them to patients in an accelerated manner.

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