Since our first biotech investment over thirty years ago, Abingworth has helped young biopharma companies on both sides of the Atlantic turn the latest scientific discoveries into dozens of new treatments for patients.

That process requires time, patience, determination, experience and capital—all of which we provide to our portfolio companies. As the pace of life science research continues to increase, so does the flow of discoveries with the potential to yield new therapeutics. We look forward to working with the next generation of biopharma companies to convert that potential into reality.

The Abingworth Edge


1987. That’s when Abingworth made its first investment in a biotech startup. In the decades since, we’ve invested in more than a hundred young companies. Along the way, we’ve helped entrepreneurs navigate through almost every conceivable scenario, good and bad, boom and bust. That’s taught us a lot about building successful companies—experience we love to share with the teams in our portfolio companies.

Abingworth Experience
Abingworth Innovation


Innovation is of course the hallmark of the companies in which we invest, but also of Abingworth itself. To prosper as long as we have in the sometimes-precarious world of life-science investing, we have developed our own novel approaches to augment the early-stage investing that has always been at the heart of our strategy.

Examples include our pioneering work with “VIPEs” (Venture Investments in Public Equities) and Clinical Co-Development.

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Transatlantic Access

With offices in London, Boston and San Francisco we are plugged into new developments—and easily accessible to entrepreneurs—in the key biotech hubs on both sides of the Atlantic.

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