Vast experience: check. Deep expertise: check. Easy accessibility: check. After decades of investing from offices in the most important centers of biotechnology worldwide, Abingworth offers entrepreneurs an unmatched combination of all three of these key attributes.



With offices in the world's key biotech centres, we support entrepreneurs in both the US and Europe.

We benefit from our transatlantic approach through a broader understanding of competitive geographies, expertise in many different capital markets, access to a larger pool of management talent and wider scientific networks.

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2016 Abingworth Clinical Co-Development
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2002 Abingworth Bioventures IIa
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1997 Abingworth Bioventures II
1993 Abingworth Bioventures
1987 Biotechnology Venture Fund


Abingworth has raised 11 funds dedicated to investing in life sciences and healthcare. Our most recent, Abingworth Clinical Co-Development Fund and Abingworth Bioventures VI, raised $108 million and £225 million ($375 million) respectively and are actively investing.

Venture Funds

Our venture funds invest across our broad strategic areas of venture capital, clinical co-development, VIPEs and public markets. They focus primarily on private companies but invest a percentage of their value in public companies.

Public Market Fund

Abingworth BioEquities (ABE) is dedicated solely to investing in public life science companies. Employing a long-only investment approach, our open-ended fund invests worldwide in public small-cap life sciences companies taking leadership positions in syndicated deals, participating in private placements as well as buying and selling shares in the open market.

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