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Clinical Co-Development

ACCD provides non-dilutive, asset-based financing for pivotal stage clinical development programs for biopharmaceutical companies.

Abingworth Clinical Co-Development (ACCD) Financing

We take 100% of the financial risk. Success payments are due only if the drug is approved and these may include a royalty component. Deals can be structured to allow favourable P&L accounting treatment both under US-GAAP and IFRS. The cost for such funding is targeted to be competitive with internal risk-adjusted costs.

We also have an Abingworth direct financing option for finance-only transactions. In addition, our co-development portfolio company Launch Therapeutics brings clinical and regulatory operational expertise to facilitate clinical trial execution globally, increasing the efficiency and quality of the trials.

ACCD financing enables companies to:

  • Access development funding while minimising EPS impact and avoiding costly equity dilution
  • Expand pipeline of development programs via life cycle management and geographic expansion
  • Leverage the option of global clinical and regulatory teams to execute speedy and high-quality trials

Target Assets

Assets will typically be Phase 3 ready or pivotal, with a high probability of reaching approval and successful commercialisation within a few years. The assets can be new molecular entities (NMEs) or already approved products being trialled in new indications. Single or multiple assets can be considered for global or regional development programs.

Size and Timing

Investment size is typically upwards of $30m. We offer flexible financing solutions across the capital structure, and work with companies to evaluate a combination of equity and CCD financing where appropriate. Diligence is rapid, leading to an initial go/no-go decision in weeks.

Interested to learn more?

If you'd like additional information about Abingworth's pioneering Clinical Co‑Development solution, please contact Bali Muralidhar

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