Dayle Hogg
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Dayle Hogg

Operating Executive

Sofia Harley

Dayle joined Abingworth in March 2023 and will work with new and existing Abingworth portfolio companies to support their operational capabilities. Prior to Abingworth, Dayle was COO of GammaDelta Therapeutics, an Abingworth portfolio co. focused on the development of γδ T cell immunotherapies, until its acquisition by Takeda in 2022. Dayle was also a cofounder of Adaptate Biotherapeutics (also an Abingworth portfolio co. and acquired by Takeda in 2022). Previously, Dayle’s roles have included COO of Kesios Therapeutics (an oncology drug development co.), investment manager at Touchstone Innovations where he led a number of early stage investments including Enterprise Therapeutics (potentiator programme acquired by Roche) and Storm Therapeutics, and was a cofounder and Commercial VP of Lectus Therapeutics (programmes acquired by UCB).

Dayle has >20 years’ experience across a range of functions within the biotechnology sector including within operational, commercial and venture investing roles. Dayle has a degree in Pharmacology (University of Leeds) and a PhD in Pharmacology (University of Oxford).