Abingworth has pioneered an approach to public market investments that we call Venture Investment in Public Equity (VIPE).

As its name implies, a VIPE is a venture-style investment in a small public company. We purchase a significant holding, take a board seat, and play an active role in developing the business. We support the company in the same way as a venture investment, providing access to our expertise and networks as required.


"Abingworth is a very supportive investor. Their extensive network, deep sector knowledge, willingness to engage at different levels, from strategy discussions to finding key advisors and talent, has been very important for a growing, entrepreneurial company like Verona Pharma."

Jan-Anders Karlsson, CEO

"I have found Abingworth to be extremely supportive in positioning Paratek for success. In addition to providing finance and executive leadership, their deep knowledge of the sector and extensive network have proven to be invaluable in creating value for the company today and in the future."

Evan Loh, President of Paratek Pharmaceuticals