Public Markets

Using our networks, financial expertise and knowledge of the life science industry, we identify and invest in small-cap public companies that we believe are under-valued. 

Abingworth BioEquities

We invest in public small-cap life science companies through our venture funds and through a separate fund, Abingworth BioEquities (ABE). ABE is a long-only, open-ended, fund that invests globally in public life science companies.

ABE has two complementary investment styles: passive and active. Our passive investments, which make up the majority of the fund by number, are focused on well managed, well capitalised companies with drug or technology assets that we believe are undervalued. Our active investments are VIPEs (Venture Investment in Public Equity) where the company needs new capital and restructuring. These are typically larger investments, led by Abingworth’s venture funds.

For more information about ABE contact Kurt von Emster or Andrew Sinclair.

Engaging in detailed analysis of public companies before we invest, we usually remain shareholders until the investment case has played out. This could be until data from a clinical trial is released, a partnering deal is signed or a drug is approved.

We are undeterred by illogical share price drops on minor company news or periods of market weakness. Quite the opposite, we view these as potential opportunities to invest.

Case Studies