Early & Late-Stage Venture Capital

With over 30 years of experience investing in novel life science technologies, we understand how challenging it can be to turn a great idea into a great company.

We are comfortable evaluating and taking significant scientific risks. Our team and network of advisors includes a number of former executives with first-hand experience of these challenges, who are available to provide support and advice when it is needed.

We also understand that building a successful company takes time and patience. Our team is committed to building real value over the long-term.

30 product approvals
45 M&A / exits
40+ technical experts
64 IPOs

"Abingworth has been an active, knowledgeable and supportive investor. They played an instrumental role in bringing together some of the key innovative technologies used to develop our bionic vision restoration programmes as well as being very active in the fundraising and IPO process."

Khalid Ishaque, CEO of Pixium Vision

"We view Abingworth as a true partner. We are always seeking what we term ‘smart money’. Abingworth’s solid financial wherewithal and exceptional real-life operational prowess, coupled with their broad resources network, makes them the epitome of smart money."

Hani Zeini, Founder and CEO of Sientra

"We are proud to call Abingworth partners. Their counsel along with their strategic thinking, especially around our M&A activities, has proven to be invaluable."

Bob Strickland, CEO of InMediata

"Abingworth not only devised and executed a thorough diligence process, but as our lead Series A investor, galvanized a strong long-term investor syndicate. Through their expansive network, they also helped us secure the site of our new corporate headquarters in an intensely competitive real estate market."

Grant Pickering, President and CEO of SutroVax

"I was impressed by Abingworth’s thoughtful, candid and rigorous diligence process, and their interest in building a relationship with management before they became investors. That approach created mutual understanding and trust, and laid the foundation for a highly productive partnership."

Timothy Noyes, President and CEO of Proteon Therapeutics