Our Strategy

We partner with entrepreneurs to create companies that have a significant impact on patients’ lives. Participating at all stages of development and across all sectors, we take a broad strategic approach to investing in life sciences.

Typical Investments

Investment size$15-$30m in total per company
OwnershipMajority or minority
GeographyPrimarily US and Europe
Holding period3-8 years
SectorsBiotherapeutics, small molecules, nucleic acid therapeutics, vaccines, specialty pharma, technologies, medical devices, diagnostics, instrumentation


Within the life sciences market we participate in a wide range of opportunities spanning therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics, instrumentation and software. We invest in seed stage projects, technology platforms, preclinical and clinical assets as well as approved and marketed products. Supporting private and public companies, we aim to partner with the most innovative entrepreneurs to address significant unmet needs in healthcare.

Discover the Strategies

Covering programmes and companies at many different stages of development, our diverse strategies provide us with unusually broad insights into the key factors for success in biotechnology.

"I have found Abingworth to be extremely supportive in positioning Paratek for success. In addition to providing finance and executive leadership, their deep knowledge of the sector and extensive network have proven to be invaluable in creating value for the company today and in the future."

Evan Loh, President of Paratek Pharmaceuticals

"The full Abingworth team has been of great support throughout the growth of our company, by providing quality services on legal, scientific, human resources, communication and financial matters, as well as their strategic role as a sparring partner in our development. Together with us, they went the extra mile in every single step and I warmly recommend them."

Hans Schikan, former CEO of Prosensa

"Abingworth led the initial investment in Avila when it was little more than a few scientists with a new idea - an idea that challenged the prevailing conventional wisdom about how to make new medicines. It took vision on Abingworth's part to make that kind of commitment, and they were right."

Katrine Bosley, former CEO of Avila Therapeutics

"I have known and admired the Abingworth team for many years and have relished the opportunity to partner with them at Chiasma. Their unique combination of analytic insights and business judgment, deriving from their extensive real world operating experience, enables them to support management teams and portfolio companies in ways that set them apart from most venture firms."

Mark Leuchtenberger, former President and CEO of Chiasma

"Abingworth not only devised and executed a thorough diligence process, but as our lead Series A investor, galvanized a strong long-term investor syndicate. Through their expansive network, they also helped us secure the site of our new corporate headquarters in an intensely competitive real estate market."

Grant Pickering, President and CEO of SutroVax